Breakthrough 'New Car' Shine, All the Time!

Although permanent coatings are not for everyone, maintaining your vehicle’s physical appearance while protecting your investment with a durable, long-lasting semi-permanent coating is for just about anyone who wants to eliminate frequent waxing and work-intensive buffing in order to maintain a “new car” level of shine!

Ever since the first shiny automobile rolled off the assembly line in 1913, car care specialists and car owners have sought a long-lasting product that will protect the exterior paint and uphold its new car shine. What followed is a flurry of protective sealants, invisible films, polishes, waxes, compounds, and bottled clear coats. Even the best of them produced only short-term results.

In the late 1980s, automobile manufacturers began adding multiple layers of clear coat during the manufacturing process, to protect a vehicle’s automotive paint, but the unintended consequences was the need for frequent waxing and work-intensive buffing in order to keep the clear coat itself free of imperfections. Buffing, polishing, and “correcting” the flaws in the microscopic layers of clear coat, wears it down over time.

Coatings Are the Hottest Breakthrough in Automotive Car Care in Decades

What car appearance specialists and product developers invented are hard-wearing ceramic and composite lacquer coatings that bond to the existing clear coat, forming yet another layer of clear coat protection that will uphold a new car shine, protect the paint, and last a long time. The result is superior resistance to scratches, etching, environmental contamination, and in most cases, they actually repel dirt. Water and liquids bead-up on the surface rather than streaking and forming water spots meaning your vehicle will not get as dirty and washing it is easier.

Galaxy Auto Detailing is Certified in the Application of both Ceramic Pro and Renny Doyle's Double Black Inspiration Coatings

Both coatings are superior, professional-grade protection products that offer significant longevity and durability, that acts like a powerful barrier against all types of elemental hazards, especially for vehicles that reside in sea-salt and sandy beach environments.

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NOTE: A full Paint Correction is required prior to the application of any permanent and semi-permanent coating.

What are Ceramic Pro Coatings?
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