The Attack of the Paint-munching Environmental Monsters

Regardless of the climate or physical location, every day is a nightmare for your car paint. Acid rain, insecticides, tree sap, bird droppings, squashed bugs, old wax, and even rainwater leave behind residue that blurs your shine and attempts to destroy your protective clear coat. In a single drop of rainwater there is enough microscopic debris to leave white, dusty tracks on the paint surface that does not simply wash off.

New Cars Are Not Flawless

Contrary to popular belief, a new vehicle is rarely flawless. Manufacturers now use robotic painters that often leave flaws and uneven spots on your car paint. Most new cars also suffer from railroad dust and highway freight contamination long before it arrives at the dealership. Some dealerships store new vehicles for long periods in storage lockers and on outdoor lots near waterside docks, railway stations, and other industrial areas, where they pick up contamination from a variety of sources that can seriously damage the paint’s finish.

Even if it comes straight from the manufacturer, and especially if it comes straight off the showroom floor, your new car has been manhandled by delivery personnel, service techs, salespeople, and numerous potential buyers. Most dealerships offer to wash your new vehicle, but they rarely detail it; and as hard as it is to believe, many “detailers” working at car dealerships are not really detailers at all, but instead, mechanics and interns with no experience in how to properly prep a car, much less know anything about paint. They are the unintended culprits of swirl marks, holograms, and light scratches.

Galaxy Auto Detailing Goes Where No Automated Car Wash Can Go

How can an automated car wash clean stuck-on asphalt and road gunk from the lower regions of your car or truck like the door panels, bumpers, spoilers, and grills? How can it reach Inside your fuel door, inside the door jambs, inside every decorative groove and spoke of your grill and wheels, and even inside your chrome exhaust pipes and engine bay?

They can’t, but Galaxy Auto Detailing does!

A Galaxy Detail Starts With a Hand Wash Using Lubricating Shampoo

Galaxy Auto Detailing always hand washes your vehicle with lubricating pH-balanced automotive shampoo, and hand dries it using soft microfiber towels and compressed air, to prevent water spots and streaks.

In addition to being a certified detailer, Hang Lee is a paint correction specialist. He goes over every inch of your vehicle including the hard to reach places where road debris attaches. By getting up close and personal with your automotive paint, he can foresee vulnerable areas where oxidation is settling in, and he can monitor your vehicle's exterior over time to help you correct problems like scratches, etching, and holograms that dull your shine, no matter how much it is waxed and polished.

Every vehicle, especially everyday drives, should receive a Galaxy Auto Detailing hand wash and wax at least six times a year to prevent the build up of dust, salt, sand and environmental contaminants on your exterior.

Clay Bar Fights the War on Your Car Paint

The attack on your vehicle's paint by airborne contaminants from our coastal climate is truly a horror story for the exterior of your vehicle. Sand, salt, wind, acidic seabird droppings, bug spatter, and even rainwater, latch onto your paint like swamp creatures! Did you know that in one drop of rainwater, you will find dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, dirt, plant and insect parts, algae, and smoke particles? Now, park your vehicle near foliage or an industrial plant and you can add toxic chemicals to the soup!

The perpetual summer sun and humidity bake this goop into your clear coat along with oil, gas, and road debris, dulling your shine. The worse part? You cannot simply wash it off! Bird droppings alone are 100 percent insoluble in water!

Special detailer's clay is the safest and most effective means for cleaning contaminants from the paint surface of your vehicle. Clay bar loosens contaminants that are gripping, even penetrating the clear coat. The result of a good claying is a slick, smooth surface that makes washing your car faster and easier. Recommended every six months, clay bar will keep your paint in excellent condition.

Visit our section on Coating Technology and Paint Correction to find out more about the advanced car care technologies that help you keep your vehicle in top condition, even after a few years!

Galaxy Auto Detailing's exterior detail includes a full maintenance exterior hand wash and foamy pre-soak; a complete cleaning and conditioning of your exterior plastics and trim; an application of your favorite wax sealant on all painted surfaces; and a FREE assessment of your paint and problem areas with the option for a long-term protective coating.

The Galaxy Auto Detailing Clean Routine

By bringing the state of your vehicle up to Galaxy Auto Detailing standards for good car appearance maintenance, Hang Lee will work outwardly from there to determine what, if any, additional services are needed such as paint correction, clay bar, semi-permanent coatings that will not only restore, but maintain your paint at the highest level, often looking better afterward than it did the day you drove it off the showroom floor! We will prep your new or aging vehicle so it is free from scratches, swirls, streaks, water spots, oxidation, or holograms; and we provide you with a detailed list of recommended products to use, and directions for how to maintain that sparkling finish you just purchased!

If your vehicle looked good on the showroom floor — you ain’t seen nothin’ until you see Galaxy Auto Detailing's Out of This World shine!

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