Your Car Interior is Dirtier Than You Think

How often do you have the interior of your car cleaned?

How often do public restrooms have their facilities cleaned?

That's right. Every night!

As detailers, we hate to say it but the inside of most vehicles are dirtier than the average public toilet! Even car owners who keep their interiors neat and litterless, must still think about the amount of dirt and bacteria that exists on your interior surfaces. From the moment you grab your car keys, you begin transferring dirt, residue, and bacteria from your hands to your steering wheel, control buttons, hard plastics, and upholstery. Hand oils, sweat, rainwater, lotion, and if you stop at the pump, add gasoline, oil, and sticky sludge, build up on everything you touch inside your vehicle.

Galaxy Auto Detailing keeps those interiors routinely clean, fresh, and free from dirt using advanced Interior detailing techniques and tools like pet hair removal stones, electrostatic detailing brushes, crevice tools and scrapers, Q-tip technology, and powerful European Steam Cleaning and carpet extractors.

Q-tip Technology Gets into Hard-to-Reach Places

Galaxy Auto Detailing uses Q-tip techniques to get into mostly forgotten niches, corners, seams, and crevices of your interior where we find crumbs and food particles from lunch-on-the-go, sticky leakage formulating in cup holders, and scum building up on and around your radio buttons, steering wheel, door handles, and locks. We find that forgotten French fry or the residuals from that unfortunate faux pas with a squeezable ketchup packet — even if they hide underneath and between your seats!

If you have a problem with scuff marks on your interior door panels, console, and dashboard, Galaxy Auto Detailing uses only professional grade cleaning products that can be applied on leather, fabric, carpet, glass, hard plastic, and rubber. We also offer long-lasting coating protection for all of those surfaces that repel dirt and leaves your surfaces with a deep, rich “like-new” luster!

Pet & Kid Grime

Sticky fingers, spilled sippy cups full of juice, baby bottles of spilled souring milk, mud from the Little Leaguers, and that big double scoop that somehow ended upside down on the floor mat — all require a special cleaning.

Pets leave behind just as many spills and “accidents” as children, along with pet hair, dander, dog nose smears on the windows, and whatever debris just happened to be attached when Fido bounded onto the seats!

When necessary, Galaxy Auto Detailing uses premium European Steam Cleaning to eliminate bacteria-causing odors by removing them at the source, including spilled liquids, food, urine, and vomit.

The Importance of a Clean, Safe, & Healthy Environment

Many car owners don't realize that your HVAC vents are located around the bottom of your windshield where pollen and allergens mix with dead leaves and bugs before blowing right into your vehicle through the AC or heating unit. If you suffer from allergies, headaches, and watery eyes while driving or riding in your vehicle — chances are, Galaxy Auto Detailing can get to the bottom of it!

Galaxy Auto Detailing will ensure that all of your interior surfaces and fabrics, including the carpet, are free from dirt, debris, and odor-causing bacteria. Every customer with a vehicle over 6 months old, should bring your vehicle up to Galaxy Auto Detailing standards for good car appearance maintenance. Once we determine what, if any, interior services are needed, we can maintain that high level with interior cleanings every 30-60 days.

A full Interior Detail includes a full vacuum of carpets and upholstery with an option for an upgrade to European Steam Clean if needed; a complete cleaning and conditioning of all interior surfaces including console, steering wheel, control panel, and dashboard; and Q-tip technology to remove crumbs and debris from narrow surfaces like upholstery seams, pockets, & cup holders; streak-free windows & mirrors.

Galaxy also offers a number of interior upgrades for more severe problems like stains, odors, and biohazardous spills.

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