Why Detail?

Protect Your Automotive Investment with Routine Detailing

The truth is, vehicles of all types simply cost more than they used to. With a 6-year car loan, consumers are keeping their vehicles 8, 10, even 12 years or longer. As a result, there is a heavier burden on car owners to take care of it, making it more of a long-term investment than a necessary commodity.

The good news is that the burden does not have to rest solely on you to maintain it! By setting our customers up with a "Clean Routine", Galaxy Auto Detailing can help you preserve both the exterior and interiors of your vehicle!

No matter how conscientious you are about keeping your car or truck clean, life still happens and it doesn't take long before that new car smell begins to fade and those sudden drops, spills, and daily wear and tear get the best of it. The most obvious advantage to having your vehicle detailed is the pleasure of driving and riding in an exquisitely clean, safe, “like-new” vehicle all the time; but there is a financial advantage to detailing as well. A clean, well-maintained vehicle protects your automotive investment and helps increase its resell value when you get ready to sell or trade.

If you are thinking about having your vehicle detailed for the first time, but are hesitating because you have heard some of the unfounded myths about it, let us dispel those doubts right now!

Hang Lee at Galaxy Auto Detailing welcomes you to luxury driving! Automotive detailing and paint correction are cost-effective ways to protect your vehicle whether it is brand new, aging, or a weather worn classic! Galaxy Auto Detailing provides the comfort and oversight you need to ensure longevity for your automotive investment.

Do any of these detailing myths sound familiar?
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