The Magic Leprechaun is in the House!
March 13, 2019
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March 21 is National Puppy Day


Who Can Say 'No' to That Face?

Their arguments are so persuasive:

  • I want to go for a ride with you!
  • I'll be good, I promise!
  • I'll pee before I get in the car
  • I won't leave any hair on the carpet and seats this time!

You can't say 'no', so pet hair and related odors caused by our furry friends are just something that has to be handled properly!

Galaxy Auto Detailing uses European Steam with Pet Hair Removal to remove excess pet hair and any odors or accidents. Then we will protect your interiors against future soiling for several months when you treat it with Ceramic Pro Interior Coatings!

Get a Pet Grime Upgrade

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